Travel period: October 18 – Nov 01, 2014 (party of 4)

Good morning Vera,
Hope all is well with you. The Martins and O’Neils are back and they had a wonderful time. The O’Neils loved their private tour prior. They said it was one of their best vacations they have had. So thank you again so much for helping us with this.

Tina Chisnell

Travel period: Oct 16 – 28, 2014 (group of 11)

Hi Vera,
I am sharing a comment below that was made from one of the tour members. I think you will like it and I want to thank you so much for taking great care and finding Melanie as the guide for my group! Please also share this with the Taiwan ground operator as well because I think it is important that Melanie and the honest bus driver are recognized for their super service they provided.

*I just wanted to thank you, as well, for a great, well organized tour of Taiwan. I enjoyed it thoroughly and so glad I decided to go. It really is a secret gem in the Pacific. The trip was definitely a no-stress tour; thanks to a wonderful tour guide....Melanie was super and most helpful. I can't say enough for the bus driver...he found and returned a $50.00 bill that I inadvertently dropped in my bus seat. He should be commended for his unthinkable rarity in most parts of the world.

Happy Travelling
Lance Kenji Imamura

Travel period: Sep 20 – Oct 05, 2014 (family of 4)

Hi Vera,
I just got a short email from the Uzelacs, he said the trip is incredible.

Thank You!
Lynn Folsom

Travel period: July 18 – 21, 2014 (1 traveler)

Vera — many thanks for CTS promptly meeting Terry Hiner when she finally arrived in Hong Kong a few hours ago. Her flight was very delayed due to the typhoon in the area. Terry has arranged with Redd and Tony, her guide and driver, to start at 10 A tomorrow for touring instead of 9 A, as her arrival was so late. They were very flexible. I appreciate CTS’s good care

Sally Watkins

Travel period: Jun 22 – Jul 05, 2014 (family of 4)

Dear Sally,
I just wanted to let you know we are back at home, having had an absolutely wonderful trip! Thank you and Vera for arranging it and for doing such a fabulous job. Everything went completely smoothly, and we couldn't have had a better time. Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you so much for putting up with all mine. I think we were quite well prepared and had all we needed with us, so that helped a lot too!

Liza Marshall

Travel period: May 07 – Jun 04, 2014 (group of 8)

Hi, Vera – Now that we're pretty much recovered from our trip. I wanted to thank you and all the staff in China for the work you all put in that helped make this complicated itinerary a success for our entire group.
All in all, it was a great trip. Thanks again for all your work getting it scheduled.

Walt Bilofsky

Travel period: December 23, 2011 – January 06, 2012
Customized tour: Beijing, Xi'an – Chengdu – Shanghai
Family of 4

Vera, we returned Saturday from our trip to China. It was perfect. As you assured me, there were no worries. All four of us very much enjoyed our adventures in China. Every guide was excellent. Each of them made us feel welcomed, informed, and well taken care of. They were very friendly to us and so knowledgeable. They were patient with all my questions about the culture and history of China. We admired the drivers very much since the driving in the cities was very different than what we are used to in the US. Thank you for your quick and thorough response when I asked for your help in planning our trip, especially since there was not much notice. We will certainly recommend your services in the future to anyone we know contemplating a trip to China.

Mary Kral

Travel period: December 8 – 13, 2011
Customized Tour: Shanghai – Suzhou
Party of 2

Dear Wai,

I just want to take a minute and thank you again for all your assistance with our trip to Shanghai. Additionally, the guide you set us up with was absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and articulate guide. His name is Eric Zeng and he was from Shanghai China Travel Int'l Ltd, American Dept. His English is so good, you would think he was born and raised in Calif.

We spent 5 days in Shanghai, four with Eric, and could have spent another 3 or 4 days as there is so much to see in and around Shanghai. When people say two or three days is enough, they are short changing the city.

Take care and be well... Phil

Dean Carver
Travel period: May 04-17, 2011
Customized Tour: Hong Kong, Beijing, Lhasa and Shanghai
Party of 8


Let me add my appreciation to the chorus of applause from our group. You did a fantastic job or organizing everything, including scheduling rain when it would least inconvenience!

The guides - all of them - were nothing short of outstanding - entertaining, knowledgeable, interested in each of us as individuals, and helpful in every way. Sonia Song, in Beijing, was the best guide I have ever had on any tour, anywhere I've been. She did triple duty to go far above her responsibilities and obligations. For example, when one person in our group lost her camera battery charger, Sonia went out of her way to find a new one. When I casually mentioned that the trip to China was my daughter's birthday gift, Sonia, without my knowledge, went out and bought a birthday with candles, to the delight of everyone. She worked us around crowds at the train station. I want to adopt her as a daughter!!!

The Chinese people are so very warm and friendly, providing an experience I and my daughter, Sharon, will never forget. I am clearly sold on China Travel Service and you in particular for your outstanding efforts on our part, even though at least one of us was a bit picky in what he wanted to do and not do.

As Jerry pointed out, only toilet problems on the Lhasa train were a distraction. In a later conversation with a representative from the Ministry of Rail, he promised to pass our observations on to those in a position to do something about it.

Again, my deepest thanks and appreciation for your work and all others at CTS who made our trip a great experience.

Bob Leilich

Travel period: April 09-23, 2011
Customized Tour: Beijing, Xi'an, Lhasa, Kunming and Shanghai
Family of 4

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you thanks so much for your help. We finished our China trip this week, and we could not have been happier with our CTS experience. I have been recommending it to everyone. We had terrific guides and drivers, they moved us as quickly and smoothly as humanly possible, and the whole trip went amazingly, amazingly well. If ever you need someone to recommend your service, please think of me. I'll be singing your praises for a long time to come.

Thanks so much for the marvelous trip.

Private Tours: Beijing, Datong, Taiyuan, Pingyao, Xi'an, Shanghai, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urmqi

June 22, 2010

Vera Rosario,
China Travel Service (U.S.A.), Inc.
150 Post Street, Suite 678
San Franciso, CA 94108

Re: Tour Code 100518RB - May 18 - June 02, 2010

Dear Vera,
It's was good to speak to you today about our proposed Tibet adventure.
We were extremely pleased with your arrangements for our tour of the Shanxi Province and Silk Road. There were so many memorial sights.
Enclosed are some sheets I put together outlining the tours for my family and friends. I hope you find it of interest.
Thank you again for your help.

Sincerely yours,
Robert E. Bickers

Terra CottaPingyao is surrounded by one of China's few intact Ming City Walls and has a treasure trove of well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty buildings. For a brief time, it was the Wall Street of China, untile the Qing dynasty defaulted on loans and abdicated, leaving the banks empty. It was saved from development and its character preserved.

Xi'an I had visited in 1983 on my first trip to China. It is known for the terracotta that guards the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi (221-210 BC), discovered in 1974. At that time there was one pit to be seen, there are now three plus a museum building where you can see two bronze chariots. We also visit the Hanyangling Museum at the tomb of a Han dynasty ruler. Xi'an has served capital to 11 dynasties over a period of 4,000 years, making it a place of significance.


Hanging TemplePagodaCity wall

Song midserventTaiyuan is the capital of Shanxi Province. Here we visited the Jinci Temple, one of China's key cultural relic resereves. Then en route to Pingyao, we visited the fortresslike manor complex of the Qiao family, built in the Ming dyansty. With six main courtyards and 313 rooms, this is whrere Zhang Yimou's acclamined 1992 "Raise the Red Latern" was filmed.

Mogave CavesDunhuang is a small oasis town that caters to foreign tourists visiting the Mogao Caves, the world's richest treasure trove of Buddhist manuscripts and mural paintings. For over 700 years, between the 4th and 11th centuries AD, monks excavated and painted these caves. The manuscripts that were found here are in major museums around the world. In the late afternoon we had a camel ride out on the dunes to Crescent Moon Lake.

Turpan, the lowest place in China (and one of the lowest area on earth), is another oasis town. Here we visited the ruins of Gaochang, the ancient wall capital of the Uighurs, which flourished between the 7th and 14th centuries. And the dramatic Flaming Mountains and the amazing 2,000-year-old Karez irrigation tunnels, whcih brought water from melting snow on the mountian to this parch city.

Flaming MtnUrumqi is populated by Han people and thirteen ethnic minorities, so it is quite different from the usual Chinese street scene. We had a delightful excursion to the Heavenly Lake, nestled hight in the Tianshan Mountain range. Among the archeological finds on display at the Xinjiang Provincial Mueseum was a series of mummies (some 3,000-years-old) that had been naturall preserved in the extremely dry climate.

Lake GaochangHeavenly Lake



Customize Group: Beijing, Nanning, Shanghai                                                                                                      
“Sonia, our national guide was wonderful, all group member were very pleased with all services that provided by China Travel Service (U.S.A) and China staffs.

Lisa Ehlerding (Group Leader), Cincinnati, OH  — 4/24/2009

Private Tour: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai                                                                                                                                                     
“We were very pleased with tour guide David in Beijing, and all services rendered excellent”                                      

Barbara Kyriakakis — 3/14/2009

Private Tour:  Xi'an, Guilin                                                                                                                 
“ A wonderful private tour! Our tour guide in Xi’an Lee and driver, and guide Lilly and driver In Guilin were great, I will recommend this trip and your company to my clients.   

Suzanne Flinckpaugh — 11/15/2008

Terra CottaChina Classic Discovery, China Highlight Tour:  Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai
“I would strongly recommend your company, and I would use China Travel Service (U.S.A.) Again”     

Jerry Reilly — 11/13/2008


HK Clock TowerPrivate tour: Beijing, Hong Kong
“We had an excellent trip. Everything was wonderful about it! We would highly recommend your services.

Gina Alberts P — 8/21/2008


Private Tour: Urumqi, Haikou, Lushan, Shanghai
"We wanted to thank you the arrangements you made for our recent trip to China. We had a wonderful time and appreciate all the work you and your staff in China did to make the trip such a success. Your in-China Staff – Outstanding remarks for each and everyone.

Again, we thank China Travel Service (U.S.A.) for helping to make this trip so smooth and enjoyable.

Charles Postel and Michael Ann Strange — 8/17/2008

ShanghaiChina Deluxe Experience, Splendid China Tour: Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Suzhou, Yangshuo, Hong Kong
“ Stanley, I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful guide for us. And I am return to US with a different opinion of China and the Chinese people. Our China trip has been so informative and delightful because of you. This trip has changed my life, and  I thank you and China Travel Service for that!

Mike Hoslam — 3/18/2008